The cheapest and fastest way to obtain a Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate degree.

Are you worried about how you can earn your bachelor’s degree and a doctorate easily and efficiently?
Worry no more because I have a solution for you.

The process is simple. Start off at Western Governors University (WGU) for your Masters’s degree. At WGU you can earn both your bachelor’s and Masters’s degree in under 3 years if you work hard enough.

Afterward, you should transfer to William Howard Tate University for your Doctorate degree. At WTU you can earn your doctorate in as short as 22 months!

Competence versus traditional degree

A competency-based degree describes the style of learning. The program allows you to work at your pace.

Competency also allows you to submit when you are ready to prove you ‘re mastering the material. Your diploma will not show that you earned a competency-based degree.

A traditional college degree also describes the style of learning.

Students attend their classes in a full-time program at the university. Students master grade-level college-ready standards.

It’s the simplest and most affordable plan to enhance your education.

Let’s get started!

Western Governors University

Western Governors University is the best university that you can go to. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at an affordable price and in a shorter period.

History of WGU

The governors of 19 U. S states found Western Governors University (WGU) in 1997. First proposed by the then governor of Utah Mike Leavitt. Utah proposed in June 1995 during the meeting of the Western Governors.

In June 1996 each signing state governor committed $100,000 to launch the new University. They launched the University as a competency-based university.

They established the school as a self-supporting private, nonprofit institution. In January 1997, 13 governors signed the articles of beginning the new university.

In December 2000, Geneive Kirch became Western governor University’s first graduate. Kirch earned a Master’s of Arts in learning and technology degree.

Western governor’s university’s online degrees

WGU has four colleges, each offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs:

  • a) College of business, – which has 6 options of bachelor’s degrees and 6 options of master’s degrees
  • b) Teachers College – which has 9 options for bachelor’s degrees and 19 options for Master’s degrees.
  • c) College information technology, which has 8 options of bachelor’s degrees. It also offers 2 options for master’s degrees
  • d) College of Health Professions, which has 4 options for a Bachelor’s degree.

It also has 7 options for Master’s degrees.

Length of time to earn a degree at WGU

The average time to graduate from WGU is about two years and three months for a bachelor’s degree.

The typical cost of a bachelor’s degree at WGU

A Western Governors University charge was flat-rate tuition per semester.

Western Governors University tuition fee is $3,225 for undergraduates per six months. Graduate also pays $4,180 per six-month term, regardless of the number of courses that you can take.

William Howard Taft University

William Howard Taft University is the best university that offers the best doctorate. After earning your bachelor’s and Masters’ in WGU, you can transfer to William Taft.

History of university

William Howard Taft University is an accredited private for- Profit. The University is in Denver, Colorado. William Taft University was founded in 1976.

They formed the school to provide continuing education for certified public accountants. The university developed as a pioneer and leader in distance education.

Programs at William Howard Taft University

William Howard Taft University offers the following online doctorate:

  • Business administration.
  • Healthcare administration.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Law.

Length of time to earn a degree at William Taft University

The least completion of the program is 27 months.

Time varies based on the amount of work per week. Students devote themselves to study and the professional experience of the student.

The importance of pursing your education

Creates more employment opportunities

Finding a job is difficult, especially in times of economic turmoil. You often need to complete with hundreds of other candidates for a vacant position.

Besides, the lower the education level, the higher the number of people competing for the same job. Good qualifications and educational background increase your chances of qualifying for better jobs.

Would you like to stand out from a pool of applicants?

Then, educate yourself and get as many qualifications and skills as possible.

Developing problem-solving skills

The education system teaches us how to get and develop critical and logical thinking. This helps us in making independent decisions in our lives. When children become adults, they experience a lot of difficulties.

Difficulties issues such as; paying off student loans, getting a job, buying a car or a house, and many others.

But, if one has spent years educating themselves, they should be able to make moral decisions.

Improve the economy

People with good academic and educational backgrounds get well-paid jobs. The higher their education and accomplishments, the better employment options they get.

People who grew in poor but educated themselves have high chances of becoming rich. This leads to a decrease in society’s poverty rates.

Education helps in improving the economic status of countries. Because it is all about getting knowledge and being able to apply it in our lives and our countries.

Secures a higher income

People with higher education and experience are more likely to secure their jobs. Study hard, dedicate your time and effort to get knowledge, and reach a high level of competency. This will enable you to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Your credentials are what will motivate a potential employer to hire you. Studying hard through your school and studies shows you are not afraid of hard work. Employers see these advantages as they all prefer a responsible and knowledgeable workforce.

Giving back to the community

How education benefits society? Educated people understand how valuable it is to live in a stable community.

They are used to taking part in projects that help improve neighborhoods and society.

Also, when people can afford their homes, they are more likely to take part in solving local problems.